Market Overview and Potential Coins to Invest (2022)

This is because heavyweight institutions such as Tesla and MasterCard openly embraced cryptocurrency thereby increasing its adoption.

Crypto market cap has significantly dropped by $1 trillion in 2022 while leading cryptocurrencies are now worth half or even less of their all-time high prices.

1. Ethereum

2. ApeCoin

3. Bitcoin

Have you ever wondered how you could buy Bitcoin despite its exorbitant price tag?

4. Sol by Solana

Solana is a dynamic blockchain, enabling builders to create decentralized Apps especially in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) providing great financial solutions.

5. BNB

Though it’s a fact that crypto market is volatile and past months of 2022 have witnessed unprecedented Crypto downtime, there are still potential coins set for the moon in the coming months in 2022.



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Samuel Adeiza Musa

Samuel Adeiza Musa


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