Crypto4winners Launches Alternative Crypto Market Investment Fund to Create Passive Income

Samuel Adeiza Musa
2 min readSep 29, 2022

Founded by experienced crypto traders, fund uses algorithmic trading solutions, bots and artificial intelligence

NEW YORK – March 22, 2020 –Crypto4winners(C4W), an alternative crypto market investment fund, has launched. Founded by experienced crypto traders and programmers, the fund uses specially developed, proprietary algorithmic trading solutions, bots and artificial intelligence to handle the daily trades and understand global trends. The Bitcoin-based fund offers passive income for investors, which the founders believe will become essential for dealing with the economic fallout of the Coronavirus pandemic.

We’ve worked hard to build a crypto fund that offers high returns, but with the stability and standard client/fund interactions people expect to see with stock market investments, said a spokesperson for C4W. We’re heading into a highly uncertain time for the global economy, unfortunately. We might see significant job losses and slowdowns in many key industries. Now, as never before, its going to be critical to have alternative sources of income. The kind of passive income we offer could be very helpful to a lot of people.

C4W manages investor funds using BTC-USDT pairs. The minimum amount required to be part of the trading pool is 0.03 BTC. A client web dashboard lets investors manage their deposits and withdrawals in bitcoin and review account statistics. The fund works on the Ethereum platform. The founding team has made significant investments in security technology to protect investors assets. Countermeasures include two-factor authentication (2FA) and personal cryptographic key management for investor wallets.

C4W comprises a decentralized 24/7 blockchain portfolio trading service. Anyone who owns bitcoins can invest in it. The funds three-part investment strategy places one quarter of assets into long-term holdings and another fourth in medium-term holdings. The other half are short-term holdings for intraday trades. The long-term and medium-term holdings are kept in bitcoin currency in cold storage custodian wallets to ensure a maximum of safety. The managers charge a 20% performance fee on profitable trades.

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