Innovations Releases New Token and Web3 Exchange

Samuel Adeiza Musa
3 min readSep 27, 2022

The company seeks to bring the crypto community together and provide innovative products.

BOSTON, UNITED STATES, January 28, 2022-- Affinity Innovations, LLC, a technology company focused on blockchain and web3 development, announced the release of the $Affinity token and its plans to release a fully decentralized, peer-to-peer exchange in Q2 2022 through ADAPT. Affinity is focused on creating products to increase usability and security and simplify the experience of utilizing cryptocurrency.

“Affinity was built with community as its guiding principle. It starts by giving the most rewards of any reflection token currently on the market,” said Affinity Innovations CEO Chris Santos. “The crypto world can be a very toxic place and has become increasingly fractured, even within the smaller networks of people. Affinity is focused on bringing the crypto community together.”

$Affinity is a token on the Binance Smart Chain. Eight percent of every Affinity token purchased and 20 percent of every sale are collected and distributed. Holders of the token receive 87.5 percent as reflections. BUSD and Cardano ADA are the reflection rewards at 43.75 percent each. Essentially, Affinity gives back 53 percent more in rewards than other popular tokens on the market.

The remaining funds are distributed to burn/liquidity (8.75 percent) and for marketing (3.75 percent). Burned tokens are permanently deleted from the supply to increase demand.

The tech company also released its web3 exchange Affinity Digital Asset Payment Technology (ADAPT). The application allows users to transfer crypto on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum network peer-to-peer or a business simply using a username rather than a long wallet hash. It eliminates mistakes such as sending crypto to the wrong wallet.

“ADAPT is all about taking the best parts of crypto and making them better, safer and easier to use,” Santos said. “At the core of the ADAPT platform is the ability to connect your wallet address to a username and profile picture, making peer-to-peer token transfers as easy and secure as sending FIAT currency through services like Cashapp or Venmo.”

Some of the exchange features include sending and receiving using a unique username with a profile picture and CIO, the ability to view the transaction history, a contact list and the ability to be verified as a business or brand. Through the power of APIs, ADAPT will be used in business POS systems, websites, Metaverse account creation and an in-world payment system.

As development continues on ADAPT, the exchange will become a full peer-to-peer decentralized exchange and bridge to other blockchain networks such as Solana, Cardano and more.

About Affinity Innovations
Affinity Innovations is veteran-owned and operated. All members of the executive team served in the U.S. military. Santos, who is also lead developer, served in the Air Force and has a background in avionics, information systems and systems and network engineering. He holds a bachelor’s in IT security and a master’s in business administration.

COO and developer Paul has a background and education in cybersecurity and served in the Navy. CTO and developer Chris F. is a Marine Corps veteran with a background and education in cybersecurity and information assurance. CMO Zach served in the Army and Army Reserves and has a background in sales and marketing.

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