Presence Launches Android App that Restores Users Online Privacy

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Advanced Identity Protection Technology Searches for and Purges Users Unwanted Personal Details and Online Footprints

Santa Clara, Calif.—September 27, 2020—Presence is launching an Android App that discovers and then removes its users sensitive personal data from the many places where it may be residing on the Internet. The technology enables customers to consolidate their entire digital footprints on the Internet and take control of their information, putting an end to this malicious cycle of intrusion. The company’s goal is to make the Internet a safer place.

Founder and CEO Mukul Kumar wants to help people regain control of their identities and online lives. We have fallen into a digital privacy trap, through no fault of our own,he said. Our online presence is vital. At the same time, most of us havent the slightest idea about how much of our information is floating around out there and who can see it. Our data is collected, sold and, in a lot of cases, stolen outright. Its highly like that your data has been compromised and in the hands of malicious actors who are outside the reach of law enforcement. The good news is that we can help to restore your online privacy. That was the origin of Presence Global, the worlds first platform to help you recapture your online life.

The Presence Platform works by first identifying users digital footprints. It then provides controls over what data is being shared. This process safeguards the users reputation and greatly reduces unwanted exposure. Kumar added, Whether its in the law or not, you have a fundamental right to know what information about you is available on the Internet. Now, you can become aware of your data online and take control of it.

Indeed, most people do not grasp that virtually everything they have done online—from browsing web pages to filling out web forms and making ecommerce purchases—is making them vulnerable. Shadowy companies track, catalogue and store consumers most private information, sometimes forever. As AI technology grows, user data can be cloned and replicated endlessly. Presence stops data mining and cloning at its source. The technology removes sensitive data from known and unknown (to users) sites, online locations where that information is available and at risk. Presence can establish a secure online identity and audit social media accounts.

Users can set up Presence Global to search for their names and zip codes. Each time the system identifies their data being hoarded online, it notifies them. The company further provides tailored remediation plans that clean up usersdigital existence and the resulting exposure to data thieves. While complete privacy might be a thing of the past, control over ones personal information line should not be. Presences privacy concierge is always available for any questions or custom requests. Kuman noted, People should be able to protect and maintain their digital health, as they do with their physical and mental well-being.

The app also provides a solution to cyber bullying, a serious issue in youth and society. The platforms SWARMcapability is able to detect cyber bullying related language on social media. This feature can be quite useful for parents who generally have little true idea what their children are up to online and the way theyre being treated. For example, the software can detect profanity and language that suggests social shaming and other flags of abuse. The reality is that these situations can become tragic, or at a minimum, very unhappy for young people,said Kumar. We offer parents a way to keep track of whats happening and how to help their loved ones on social media.

Presence further mitigates the risk of Social Engineering.The search algorithms remove Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as names, birthdates, addresses, phone numbers and other personal details commonly used by hackers to guess the answers to security questions or perpetrate spear phishing attacks. Presence provides privacy scans and data removal by locating hidden privacy threats and flags them for suppression.

Presence Global privacy reports provide a comprehensive view of privacy threats for individuals or businesses. The reports include actionable insights on social media and the Internet, providing a clear understanding of current and past privacy-related challenges. The service provides solutions to opt-out from data hoarders and get notified each time new information appears to others on the internet.

Presence offers confidential assistance from an expert without obligation and will provide new customers with a 30-day free trial. To try Presence, visit

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